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Differences between Motion Graphics and Animations

Differences between Motion Graphics and Animations

We’ve seen different businesses adopt different methods of marketing their products and services, but most of these are complex ways to target the desired audience. One of the easiest and reliable ways of marketing a specific brand is through the efficient use of both animations and motion graphics. If these are well designed, they are bound to catch the eyes of potential customers. Many businesses, after seeking the help of motion graphic companies, have resorted to using these as an effective way to increase brand awareness as the total number of people connected to the internet has increased. It’s likely that such content would eventually end up being under the eyes of consumers in one way or another. However, we might consider that Motion Graphics and animations are literally the same, but they do have noticeable differences.

What Are Animations and Why Should Businesses Use Them?

In simple terms, an animation can be described as a process of creating a moving effect through the succession of non-moving, still pictures. The most common examples of animations we see around us are in either movie, virtual reality and video games. It is true that different cartoons and animated movies are made through the use of different types of animations. There are basically 5 types of animations, and these include:

  • Traditional Animation
  • 2D-Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Stop-Motion Animation
  • Motion Graphics

These might seem similar but their usage varies considerably. Each one of these has got their own unique traits and how these are used are unique in their own way. As the world continues to stay connected to the internet, different businesses have come up with digital media marketing strategies in order to aim for their desired audience by raising their brand awareness. These might make use of animations for the process as they would help them market their products and services with ease. Following are the major reasons why an organization should make use of animations.

These Leave a Lasting Impression

Let’s suppose you’re running a business and you’re going to release an entirely new product within the market, and are considering different ways in order to market it efficiently. Making use of animations in order to do so would add in a different twist. Do note that animations have an entire story to tell, and are created in such a way that viewers actually end up liking them. Your job as a simple communicator will be made easier as animations will do the job for you.

Animations Promote Social Engagement

Animations are bound to reach consumers once they have been created. If these are engaging enough, consumers might share these ahead, and such a move would be beneficial when it comes to increasing your brand awareness. The more related animations are shared by consumers, the higher your brand awareness will get.

Boosts SEO

In recent times, we see that users desire different video-related content most of the time. If you’ve got different sorts of animations on your company’s website, ranking higher in search engine results would be made possible. In simple terms, there are many benefits of using animations on your website that would rank it higher on search engine results.
Well, here are the ways a certain business can make use of animations efficiently.

Let’s Talk About Motion Graphics, Shall We?

In most cases, animations and motion graphics are mistaken for the same thing, but they do have their own differences. While animations are mostly story-based, motion graphics are simpler. These can be considered as that specific footage that creates motion, and these are most commonly paired with audio for different projects. Motion Graphics are most commonly used for representing different logos, for example, a certain company’s logo. Just like animations, these too, play an important role when it comes to increasing brand awareness. Here’s why different companies make use of motion graphics:

These are Engaging

Whenever we browse through a website, we often scroll past different pictures that are used for publicity. In some cases, we’ve even stopped to check out the animated text that has been used. Through such an example, we can easily conclude that motion graphics promote a greater sense of engagement as compared to standard, generic pictures.

The Cost-Effectiveness Factor

All you need to create motion graphics are a creative mind, a computer and an active internet connection. Unlike proper animations, creating motion graphics is not time-consuming, and the task is relatively simpler too. The motion graphics that have been created can either be uploaded on a certain website, or distributed through the use of different internet channels.

Final Verdict

So, here are the major differences between both animations and motion graphics, and how they are used. If you’re looking for a different animation company in Pakistan, then you could market your products easily and effectively by coordinating with DigiHyve. It is also recommended for you to take a look at different digital marketing companies.

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