Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Crafting a Striking Outlook for Your Restaurants to Attract More Customers

Crafting a Striking Outlook for Your Restaurants to Attract More Customers 

There is a lot of rivalry that goes around the restaurant business, with competitors literately snatching customers away before you can enjoy and reap the benefits of a robust follower ship. In the US there are more than 15.1 million who work in the restaurant business. Projected sales for this year are expected to reach $863 billion by the end of 2019. There are over 1 million restaurant locations across the nation and with a total population of 327.2 million people as of 2018, there is no doubt that customers have a lot of options available to them. Hence if you are a business owner you might end up looking out for various ways to improve on your rankings, seek out ways to develop strong follower ship for your venue and go all out to promote your offered services and amenities. This is exactly why in this post we would like to share with you some great advice as to how you can create a striking look for your restaurants and keep those customers pouring in. So let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

Your Wait Staff is The Face of Your Business

You need to realize how important a role does each of your wait staff has to play. Your employees, the person sitting behind the desk, the one who opens the door, and those who greet your visitors and customers all have an important task to carry out. Hence you should make it mandatory for them to always keep themselves in a presentable manner. Their personal hygiene and grooming should be spot on. We highly recommend that you develop custom logo chef uniforms for them as it will not only make them look more professionally trained but it will also help in promulgating the image of your restaurant for onlookers, bystanders, and in the eyes of the general public. Lastly, you should also invest your time and effort into offering them proper training and skills to manage conflicts, resolve situations, providing quick resolutions to problems, exquisite communication skills, and terrific listening skills along with decent amount of courtesy and high emotional quotient. All of this will allow them to appease customers and they in return will help in spreading a positive word of mouth for your restaurant.

Additional Conveniences and Facilitation

There is no doubt that with the urban lifestyle becoming more rushed and busy throughout the day, people who want to have a dine-out option lined up for themselves are looking for a relaxing time. Dining out has become more of a ritual to unwind and enjoy yourself so that you can take a break and escape your busy life schedules. Hence as a restaurant, you should cater to this behavior pattern and trend by offering them additional conveniences and providing them with extra facilities. Here are some of them that you might want to consider including in the near future for your own restaurant:

·         Available parking space, valet parking, and easy access for handicap people.
·         Drive-thru, takeaway, home delivery, catering services, and table services.
·         Allowing pets or pet-friendly.
·         Accommodations for families with children.
·         Table booking, online reservations, and waiting areas.
·         Indoor and outdoor seating.
·         Entertainment facilities: cable TV, Wi-Fi internet, live music, indoor games, etc.
·         Dedicated menus for breakfast, lunch, brunch, hi-tea, dinner, and buffets.
·         Business meeting area and a separate room for celebrating birthdays and other occasions.
·         Happy hour meals, ladies' night out, festive season’s special offers, and much more.

Creating a Bold Digital Presence

Use technology to make things easier for you. Develop an eye-catching and mouthwatering website. Actively promote your restaurant through social media profiles and pages. Send people notifications to their emails, inboxes, and smartphones regarding your latest deals, offerings, special discounts, and much more. Get your business listed online and join customer review websites to get more referrals. If time and budget permit you then you can also opt for running affiliate and paid marketing campaigns for your website and social media accounts.  

We hope this post was able to offer you a better understanding as to how you can go about creating an allure for your restaurants that can attract more customers and possibly new prospects. For any more questions and queries regarding the topic please feel free to let us know of your feedback in the comment section below.  


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